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MPHI global

MPHI has been served by Cancrisoft and Susheel Rathi for over two years. Susheel took a huge website project that we had been working on with other programmers for 5 years that was a total non-operational mess and got the site up and running correctly for the first time; the way we had always wanted it to be. He is a genius and is able to understand complex organizations and concepts, for instance, the previous programmers simply couldn’t understand the organization’s heirarchy and departments. Susheel figured out everything and re-created the site whereas the prior programmers simply got hung up and gave up! Susheel Rathi works well with us by skyping and emailing on a regular basis. He always gets back to us very promptly with good feedback, suggestions and solutions.

He is very knowledgeable and suggested we upgrade to multi site when the time comes, and meanwhile, is very willing to evolve the project at its own pace. He was very considerate to test everything and always says that the important thing is that we are satisfied and that the people for whom the site was created are able to work with it successfully. He didn’t charge huge amounts of money, either. He is very reasonable.

He and the group were very helpful in expediting changes and providing suggestions for further improvements.

While we are still in the developmental phase of this lengthy, complex “APHA History Project,” we definitely appreciate getting the starter site up and running. He successfully accommodated a variety of media such as powerpoints, pdfs, movies and also a blog function. He also implemented a long list of departments with separate login capabilities, password protection and posting Roles so we could uniquely appoint authors for each separate department or component. In addition, the site has multi-language capability, due to Susheel’s untiring abilities to make things work correctly!

He is always available to teach us how to do things, also.
THANK YOU SO MUCH, SUSHEEL. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

-Jay H.Glasser, Bettina StapMPHI global

Group Youp

Punctual, professional and friendly. Cancri is the go to web design and programming agency for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for serious programmers who are also available all the time to answer your questions and guide you to through the process of bringing your vision to life.

After I'm done with this I'm hitting the "Bonus" button. That's how good these guys are. Professional to the core, patient, and understanding, especially with someone with not much (if any) expertise in the field. I had an idea, they brought it to life, and then some. If you came upon Susheel, or Cancri (as their company is called) - look no further. Geniuses, working on amazing budgets, with professionalism, care and speed.

-Z D ChrisGroup Youp


I began working with Susheel over 3years ago. I'd been through dozens of outsourced support manager with poor results when i met him. He is sharp and industrious and thinks for himself as well as meticulously follows instructions. He has become an integral part of my business.

I've used Susheel and his team for design and development on many platforms including WordPress, Joomla, BigCommerce, Shopify, 1shoppingcart, Infusionsoft, and others. They've designed and built sites and coded html emails for many of my large US clients.

I will continue to utilize Susheel's Professional services for the foreseeable future.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about Susheel and his team.

-Jay Woolwinewebdev123

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