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Cancri Will Help You In

  • Developing and implementations of applicationsDeveloping and implementations of applications, software and compatible APIs
  • Automating processesAutomating processes to increase your efficiency and productivity
  • Managing and maintaining your IT InfrastructureManaging and maintaining your IT Infrastructure
  • Managing your applicationsDeveloping, managing your applications, software and online assets /websites/portals
  • Optimum utilizationOptimum utilization of all kind of resources resulting in operational efficiency
  • Building world class service organizationsBuilding world class service organizations

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Cancri adopts customer driven approach to provide best and most appropriate information technology solutions and services to its customers. We deliver across diverse domain areas; our actionable plans and practicable, implementable suggestions helps an organization in reducing cost, increasing agility and enabling organizational transformation. The smiles, testimonials, accolades we receive from our delighted customers worldwide are our reward. Our team is trained to respond promptly and honestly. CUSTOMER FIRST is ingrained our ethos and we are constantly striving to implement customer-centric operational development and are engaging in initiatives to handle quality issues promptly, resolving them quickly and smoothly.

Cancri’s web division is an end-to-end web development company having complete understanding of web standards, expertise in latest technologies. Our customers include:

  • Those with internet business ideas and need end to end web services (design, UI, hosting, maintenance, support and marketing)
  • Those who require a major upgrade of the existing web site
  • Those who are into the web services business and would like to have an offshore development center


IT services helps in improving overall processes of your company while ensuring timeliness and customer satisfaction, which has become critical for long term growth as well as gaining a competitive edge in the market. For your organization, apart from the conventional success factors like position in market place, quality supplier, productivity and profitability; contemporary success factors includes timely delivery of products and services, immediate attention to customer problem/resolution and continuous improvement in all processes. This requires you to adopt right technological interventions and CANCRI will walk the extra mile to be the best IT service provider.

In today’s ever evolving business landscape, technology and information science has become the key enabler for seamless operation of every business activity – consumer research to virtual product design, material sourcing to production, product sale to customer service. Deriving the best ROI on any IT investment is based on selection, alignment and integration of the necessary support systems. We at Cancri provide comprehensive IT capability, with the right combination of tools, integration and security structure for a successful IT investment. Our offerings are aimed directly to achieve your business objectives – to ensure that technology is working for you and not against you.

Having expertise in Engineering, Information Technology and Management, we at CANCRI provide consulting services to large corporations and SMBs to augment their productivity and profitability. Our flexible engagement models are based on eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers (eSCM-SP) and our delivery models accelerate go-to-market for small and large corporations with mature processes. Business development and market adoption is easy with our delivery models. Cancri has the expertise to blend technology and engineering with management so as to reduce the frictions and bottlenecks faced during the changing processes. Using our solutions change management is seamless and effective.

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