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Cloud Computing

The broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services lays the foundation of Cloud Computing. Cancri has been into IT infrastructure management since inception and so gradually expertise have evolved in managing cloud services offered by AmazonAWS, Google App Engine, Rackspace, HP Cloud, Windows Azure etc.

Cancri's assistance is guaranteed - small or large size deployment in spectrum of applications ranging from SaaS, Mobile, E-commerce, marketing campaigns, health care and interactive websites in the cloud space. Our experience and expertise includes deployment strategies, database analysis, custom code, disaster recovery and security audits.

Cloud Computing


Each one of us understands the advantages of virtualization, zero down time and live migration without any service disruption. Team at Cancri has expertise in working with any of the top virtualization providers like: VMware, Citrix, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Redhat, Google, Virtual Bridges, Proxmox and Parallels

Cancri strive for constant improvement so we have a customer experience management system in place. We avail constant feedback from our customers on every ticket and every interaction they have with our support staff. We have highly experienced support engineers who handle complex and simple issues on a daily basis satisfying and delighting our customers.

Hybrid cloud

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