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Why Us
As your true business partner, Cancri will assist you in every step of the way to enhance your business performance. We assist you in a way that allows you to continue to focus your time, energy and resources on your core business while we serve to fulfil your business objectives. We at Cancri are not the typical firm – there is a noticeable difference – the Cancri difference lies in the way we do what we set out to do. Our way of work is focused around:

Utilizing Proven Expertise at Hand:

Cancri brings a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering business solutions. With fortune 500 background, our team is built to achieve business results while addressing long term objectives for your organization. Cancri is focused on utilizing the right set of techniques that are tested through the right rigor to develop robust solutions and augment your business decisions.

Collaborating with the Client Business:

At Cancri, we believe that one of the key to project success is true teamwork. Through the engagement, we adopt an integrated team approach – the client business group and our team sync up to tackle the problems at hand. We provide a single point of contact to the business liaison to ensure clean cut lines of communication and thus avoid hierarchical connections. Utilizing the client team knowledge and marrying it with our expertise is critical to our work - we empower the business to participate meaningfully in the solution building process.

Implement Ideas that Work:

Instead of using run-of-the-mill solutions and making theoretical recommendations, Cancri uses the client knowledge to build ideas that work and we actually participate holistically in the implementation. Through the project, Cancri engages in a way to germinate ideas from the client business and then appropriately link problem solving expertise to the solution brainstorming ideas results in a win-win situation.

Develop Affordable Quality Solutions:

Client success and satisfaction are essential to our way of work. We adopt a flexible approach through the course of the project that allows appropriately scoping and scaling the solution to fit the needs and business constraints of time and budget. We prefer quality work over quantity growth.

Delivery Consistent and Reliable Work:

Cancri adopts a relationship driven and milestone based method to manage timelines and budget expectations. With transparency and visibility into the engagement, we are proactive to ensure we are nimble enough to adapt and respond quic -kly to evolving needs. Strong foundational support mechanisms enable us to achieve consistency and reliability in our own work.

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