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Jett Excellence

It was with some reservations that i made the decision to outsource my website maintenance and monthly updates. However, from the very first contact, you have made it a pleasure to work with you. I was very impressed when you were the only candidate to telephone me before submitting a bid. I was further impressed with your initiative when i was in the fianl selection process and you submitted a sample of your work.

I have had absolutely no regrets working with you. I have  even enjoyed the process of working with you on design issues like my blog page and new landing page. This is paraticularly impressive and important to me as i have had trouble working with other designers in the past.

I thank you now for your reliability and attention to detail in your work. I readily recommend you not only in this letter, but also to others who ask about my website. And, I look forward to working with you on a monthly basis as you maintain my website and keep it up to date for me.

-Karen L. JettJett Excellence

Employment King

Thank you for making the recent updates to my website As always you and your team were very fast to respond to my request and completed the entire task quickly and efficiently.

Thank you again for your support and i would recommend you to any looking to create a professional website.

-Chris DelaneyEmployment King


My company and i worked with susheel and Nitin on a pretty rushed project that we needed completed that involved taking the pages of an event guidance for one of our training events, and turning that into web ages for the new program that we are offering. Overall, this totaled more than 20 pages that needed to be completed in less than a week. Given this deadline, Susheel and Nitin worked swiftly and efficiently and were actually able to complete the project earlier than expected, without compramising the quality of the web pages.

In the process of doing this project, we actually worked with a number of contractors for various related projects - none of which were as easy to work with and quick to respond as Susheel and Nitin. They were ready and able to work with me on any adjustments or changes to the pages without complaint. What i really liked the most about them was that if I wasn't sure exactly what i wanted in terms of page design or navigation for the website, they were willing to provide their opinion and actually work with me to make it look right.

Many of the other contractors that we used complained when there were changes to be madeor when we wanted to add a row of navigation buttons, but not Susheel and Nitin. They seemed to be honestly invested in this project and willing to put in the time and effort what we want and exactly what would be best for our students.

I am defenitely going to be coming back to them with any similar projects in the future.

-Colleen MyersGrapa

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