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Data Intelligence

To enable any business function, data and information exchange has assumed a unique role. At Cancri, we believe in not only providing solutions to enhance your core business but also developing the platform and data systems that support the core business. As comprehensive solution providers, now Cancri is capable of delivering end to end data and business information management solutions to our clients.

There is no short changing our clients – we do not just stop at high level solutions – we continue to assist with the entire information supply chain through the organization from data design to data management to data reporting.

Data Intelligence

We help our clients maximize their systems and evolve through the several layers of information and analytics which provide insight for the path ahead The Cancri approach to data solutions is designed around superimposing the data and information structures on the business function and activity that surrounds it. Our data intelligence solutions are designed in a modular fashion which allows the flexibility for future enhancements to be built on the existing design.

Our expertise spans the lifecycle of any data – from design and management of the data to reporting and summarization and to trending and analytical insights. Our service offerings in this area to create an integration business data solution is as follows

  • Data management and maintenance
  • Performance reporting and dashboards
  • Analytical trending and measurement
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