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E-commerce is evolving continuously and new opportunities are on the horizon with the popularity of new devices like smart phones and social networking. In this digital age, all the marketers would like to build and revamp their online assets to reach more customers and enhance relationships with existing customers. CANCRI’s understanding of your customers’ digital lifestyle will result in creation of world class multi channel shopping experience, engaging customers, providing value added services, improving conversion rates and optimizing your e-commerce investment.

A web portal is not just about selling products or having a web presence. Corporate companies all over the world are using portal development services for managing sales activities, marketing programs and enhancing support and service functions.

It is a strong belief at CANCRI, that world class E-commerce applications has to be user friendly and provide requisite attraction so that the visitor of the website/web portal and the vendor end up having a good deal. At Cancri, we make our customers realize that this objective is achieved keeping their customer delighted. In short, a good web application should result in response and action from visitors.

Most of online interactive tools available need greater customization and at CANCRI we specialize in quantifying the benefits of such tools in terms of it usage, applications and provide qualitative output and support after successful implementations. We can help our customers upgrade their systems, use the best technologies and have

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Use greater business intelligence
  • Improve capabilities encompassing all business areas
  • Sustainable and reliable out of box integrations

With Cancri, be sure to improve your e-business while substantially reducing the cost of implementing, managing and scaling global applications. Hence any expenditure by our customer will add huge value to its online assets and also provide effective process improvements.

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