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  • Development of Membership based Music Repository using Amazon Cloud Storage
  • Allow a Download Link for each music track in the player
  • Allow the Download of Digital Content only to members


Technologies used: WordPress PHP, Jquery, AJAX, Amazon Cloud API, S3Audible
Music Player, S2 Membership Plugin. We implemented a jquery solution within the S3
Audible music player wherein we generated the signature with the combination of
timestamp and API credentials of Amazon S3 Cloud Storage account. And this signature
coupled with the location of mp3 on Amazon Cloud Account allowed us to generate
a fully protected hyperlink to download the mp3. We implemented the S2 Membership
plugin and customized and integrated it in the wordpress platform to allow different
levels of members to access the digital content.

TrakkAddixx Digital Record Pool
TrakkAddixx Digital Record Pool is only
for Professional DJs, Radio Stations,
Artists, Labels & Industry Tastemakers.
They provide quality content.


Providing web services through cloud so inherit advantages of using cloud servers
(Example: Pay as per usage) Ensuring protected download of the digital content.

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