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Nirman – Build, Execute, Deliver

Nirman - Build, Execute, Deliver

Nirman – An effective information technology tool for realtors and construction companies, which are in the business of providing quality apartments, villas and serving the housing needs, commercial space needs of the society.

Nirman has successfully helped the domestic realtors in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India to efficiently manage their construction business – managing all the 4 Ms* effectively and efficiently.

*4Ms of Business Management are: Materials, Manpower, Machinery and Money.


  • Registration & User Rights Management
  • Customer Management System - Add, View Delete customers
  • Sales – Creating, managing and updating
  • Suppliers – Suppliers List Management, Payments, payment due dates
  • Machineries – Purchase, Optimal user of existing machineries, location management
  • Staff – Adding, managing and updating attendance and salaries
  • Works Management - Manpower, Projects creation and management, Assignment of Projects
  • Materials Management – Cement, Steel
  • Customer receipts - installment due dates, reminder system
  • Income & Expenses management –Report Generation
  • Ledger Accounting – Debit & Credit entries , Ledger posting
  • Budget Meter – Budgeting for each project and matching consumption
  • Cost Accounting - consumption .vs. availability
  • Work updates and notes for daily works and reports to the admin
  • Confirmation emails to the customer - Email interface
  • Daily Reports on the construction materials ( both incoming and outgoing)
  • Reports – Sales, payment, materials, staff salaries
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