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Group Youp is a social networking platform for yuppies to connect people online and share their passion. CHECK URL:

A visitor of the group youp first has to register as a user and save your search for groups or members and youpbot ( a handy little robot) will find them for you and send you an email whenever new groups are made or new members of similar interest as yours join in. If the user creates a group, they receive emails whenever new members join the group.

Through this social networking platform the user can create groups, have their buddies added to it and have the group of friends informed about their favorite movies, music, television shows, passion towards a particular sports or game and can add more friends, send messages and update their profile.


  • Registration Module for User
  • User Profile Management - history, comments, avatar, password recovery
  • Search Functionality– For members, For groups
  • Messaging System (send/receive Messages between Users)
  • User groups (user can add new groups, other users can join)
  • Friendship system similar to face book
  • Mailing component (users can choose which messages he can get it by email)
  • Chat Module
  • Various Web services added for favorite movies, favorite music, favorite television shows
  • Integration with the FACEBOOK account
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