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A trip to Dandeli

For us at CANCRI, planning a team outing trip was interesting. Everybody was giving their own views and shared their preferences. Lot of deliberations, personal meetings, cacophony went on for a week and keeping in mind the adventure perspective, we all opted for Dandeli. Dandeli – a peaceful small town located near the North West Karnataka was our destination.

It was a 5 day planned excursion with fun and frolic. We reached Dandeli in the pitch dark night and the under developed town, small width roads with old structures are not welcome sign for tourists. Suddenly this view of us changed as our vehicle approached the rugged mud forest road - the tall trees around, breeze and darkness make some of us fear... this lasted only for half an hour until we reach our resort.

Your expectation from a trip of male only group might not come true as we were a different lot. Apart from all the usual cacophony, we enjoyed the song “Dandeli ke daldal” written by one of our colleague, camp fires in the night,morning walk in the Jungle, open van drive to the water sports, game of cricket, volley ball, card games, sky gazing, and partying on the dance floor apart from the scenic, serene beauty of nature – Dense Forest, Kali River, Santheri rocks and Sathodi Falls.

During this trip we came to knew that we were all multi talented creative, young people and most of us had all the ingredients to become models, actors, photographers and directors posing before camera, shooting. Some were checking the correct angles in photography; some were giving running commentary, other giving a model’s pose. Though all of us had cameras but with all the snaps and video shooting we were running out of memory cards, so have to opt for a cyber café to download all our data of enjoyment, fun and frolic. Good that computers, software, internet access has reached small towns in India and our 50 GB of data was stored safely for all of us to share it with our family.

A short 5 day trip without our desktops and laptops was more than enough to rejuvenate ourselves and to know more about our colleagues. Few days from now we will be celebrating New Year – 2014 and we are taking all the positive energies from Dandeli with us.

Happy New Year!

Date: December 28, 2013 Author: Raghu Sambari Category: Blog Tags: Comments: 0
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